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How To Become a Young Adult Patroller

Becoming a Young Adult Patroller is a rewarding and rigorous process that requires a great deal of dedication. However, the education, experience, and memories made are unlike anything else. Here are the steps necessary to join the Young Adult Patrol at Granby Ranch:

  • "Shadow" a Patroller When shadowing a patroller, you will ski with them for the whole day. Learning about the responsibilities and duties of a patroller. This step will show you what it is like being a patroller as well as help current Young Adult Patrollers get to know you better. This step is not essential to joining the Young Adult Patrol, but is highly recommended.


  • Take the Ski Assessment - In order to take the ski assessment you must be either 15 and older, or turning 15 within the calendar year. For example, if you are 14, and you turn 15 in December, you are eligible to take the ski assessment. On the day of the assessment, a parent must sign a release. Ski assessments are typically held in early to mid March. The ski assessment consists of multiple runs on various types of terrains. Your skiing ability will be evaluated by current Young Adult Patrollers as well as patrollers.


  • Interview - Upon successful completion of the ski assessment, you will have an interview with several current Young Adult Patrollers and patrollers. In the interviewing process you will be asked questions meant to help the judges get to know you better.


  • Be Selected as a Candidate - After the interviewing process, Young Adult Patrollers and patrollers will meet to discuss the possible candidates. Once they have made their selections, they will notify you to proceed with the process. If you are not selected, you are free to try again the next year.


  • Get Certified - In order to be on the Young Adult Patrol at Granby Ranch, you must be certified in Outdoor Emergency Care (OEC). OEC will give you the skill set and knowledge to care for, transport, and treat patients. OEC classes are held from August to December and candidates will be directed on how to get signed up. After passing the written and practical tests, you will be an OEC technician. 


  • Get to Work - Once Candidates have successfully completed their OEC certification, they will become Young Adult Patrollers at Granby Ranch.  The learning and fun continue as you are now a part of the patrol.


For additional information or to sign up for the Young Adult Patrol program, feel free to email us at:

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